E-Fresh™ Application Technology

We use  a high capacity application fogging machine that operates with the use of electric power.  The E-Fresh™ technology combined with the patented Micro Swirl Nozzle design delivers applications with increased residues and added safety for the potatoes being treated as well as the employees making the application.  See the benefits


Treatment Programs

We offer many different programs:

  1. At Door Closure: JetAg and/or 1,4 Sight
  2. After Suberization: 1,4 Sight and/or CIPC
  3. Late storage: 1,4 Sight and CIPC
  4. Before planting:1,4 Seed
  5. Rescue Treatments:  

*Tell us what your  goals are and we will disign a plan for you. Click Here to contact us.



We can take residue samples to help determine whether a second application is needed in season.