Bug and Insect Control


New to 2020.

Turf Masters is excited to announce the Insect Perimeter Control, which is a new offered service to 2020. Continued bug and inspect pest control services include:

  • One Time Perimeter Control
  • Cluster Fly Control/ Spider Control

One Time Perimeter Control

This additional service helps to control grubs, Japanese Beetles, June Beetles, and other insects. During this application, our lawn care specialist sprays three feet from the home, and three feet up.  It is offered from July 15th- August 23rd. 

Cluster Fly/ Spider Control

Cluster flies can be distressing when they turn up in the fall and occasionally in the spring too. They appear suddenly, in areas of your house such as the roof or around the window.  As these pests are seeking warmth, they invade your home. 

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