About Us


Who we are

We treat potatoes and onions.  We are a post harvest Commercial Applicator that covers the state of New York and Pennsylvania.   We bring everything we need with us so we can quickly and timing get the job done

Flexible applications

We can treat about any storage you can image.  If we can't, we'll help come up with a plan so it can be treated going forward.

Standards are changing

The standards are changing. Farmers are storing their product longer and need to have it better than ever.  It is exciting to partnered with the 1,4 Group and their expanded product lines.  They are at the forefront of this industry and great memeber of the team.


Upstate Applications is owned by Drew Heisey who was trained under Robert Fahy of Wayland, NY.  Drew grew up in Western NY and has been part of agriculture since graduating from Messiah College in 2007.  In the offseason, Drew runs his sister company called Bovine Supply Plus and spends time with his wife Elizabeth (Dyckman) Heisey and their 2 kids.